Week 7:

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Weekly Rant

With a combination of the second episode of The League airing  at 10:30, and a divisional match up between the soaring Seahawks and gritty 49ers it was a solid night.  Most notable performance of the night (really the only notable performances) came from Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch had 103 rushing yards on 19 carries.  Unfortunately for owners in a PPR league he ended the game with only one catch.  On the other side of the ball his counterpart, Frank Gore, continues to show that he can still take on a full workload at his age.  Racking up 131 rushing yards on 16 carries and an additional 51 yards with 5 catches Gore exceed all other fantasy players tonight.  For a complete box score from the game check out NFL Game Center.

With my first blog post I want to address a couple key components to living a fantasy football lifestyle:

1) Fantasy Football:

You most certainly can’t live a fantasy football lifestyle if you don’t eat, dream and breathe fantasy.  I myself take part in a league consisting of eleven of my best friends from high school.  The league is extremely intense and is now it is third season. This year I did a good job drafting key components of my team in the later rounds of the draft but picked some busts in the beginning rounds (I’ll post a screenshot of my lineup below).  Currently sitting 2-4 this week is a must win if I hope to get into playoff contention but enough about my team.  Regardless of how many leagues you are currently in, it is important to prioritize your leagues as to properly allocate your time doing research on the waiver wire between your different teams.

2) Food Passion:

If you like fantasy football, you likely enjoy a good meal (I have no research to back this up but its still indisputable). Living away from home at university my love for food often clashes with my lack of money to buy food.  The other day I made a very easy (and cheap) Salmon Alfredo Penne in less then 30 minutes.  If you want to be a champion, you got to eat like it!  I will post more meals in the future and start posting some easy recipes. 

3) Chirps:

Chirping could be the most important part of living a fantasy football lifestyle.  There is nothing better, period.  For those who are new to this concept, get acquainted quickly because without it you simply just aren’t living a fantasy football lifestyle. This site might help you out.

Don’t forget to ask all of your fantasy football question @TheFFLifestyle

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