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Week 11!The time of the year when playoff pushes become prevalent, quarterbacks get banged up, and management is questioned (cough Andy Reid cough).  By far, the most shocking part of week 10 match-ups were the amount of quarterbacks that succumbed to injury. Jay Cutler, Big Ben, Alex Smith and Michael Vick all suffered injuries during week ten.  The sub par weather conditions can take some of the blame, as they make is much harder for a quarterback to pinpoint his receivers down field. So how do these injuries affect these teams moving forward:

Jay Cutler: Cutler is listed as questionable for tonight and still has a chance at starting.  If he is unable to go tonight, Jason Campbell will get the start.  It could be worse as Campbell isn’t terrible.  The bears D has been a turnover machine over the past few weeks so this is still a highly winnable game.

Ben Roethlisberger:  Suffered a very serious shoulder injury that may have him sitting on the sidelines for several weeks.  A backup QB who hasn’t started in two years means the Steelers are going to have to rejig their offensive playbook in a hurry.

Michael Vick:  Injured or not, Vick is extremely unlikely to see more playing time this season.  With Andy Reid’s job on the line, his only hope is that Nick Foles can produce some Ws and salvage their dismal season.  If anyone will give you anything for Vick, TAKE IT. For how Nick Foles will effect fantasy points for the WRs in Philly check out this blog post by Justin Onslow.

 Alex Smith:  Smith has an amazing ability in that he can win games and yet hold very little fantasy relevance.  He keeps winning for the 49ers but even if he plays this week, he is still not a strong start.

3 Big Fantasy Mistakes I Made This Year:

Normally I would continue this post with highlights around the league and some key injuries but I’ve decided to change it up a bit.  I lost my fantasy match up with week, moving me to 4-7, with little chance of making the playoffs.  Now, I’m not bitter I lost, more mad at myself for bad management.  I wanted to highlight in this segment 3 key mistakes I made, and how I could have done better:

1) Sell Cam:  This season, I was given the privileged to grab Cam Newton in the early second round.  Poised for a top 5 fantasy performance this year I figure the sky was the limit with the Auburn Quarterback…. Boy was I wrong! My mistake was not drafting him, it was not selling him.  Even through his struggles, he was still worth a lot and if I had better judgement could have shopped him for an Andy Dalton and upgrade my lineup at another position.  Holding on to Cam was my biggest bust simply because of his trading value despite his sub par performances.

2) Grab a TE:  Not to say Pettigrew is a bad football player but TE was the position with the highest discrepancies in points between the best and the worst.  Coming back to point number 1, I likely could have gotten Carson Palmer and Jimmy Graham, for Pettigrew and Cam.  A trade that would seem fair at face value but would have given me substantially higher weekly scores.

3) The 3rd QB:  Probably my biggest blunder was keep Joe Flaco on my bench.  After only a few weeks Flaco was considered to be on his way to elite fantasy status.  Putting up 20 plus points in the first 5 weeks in a row, he looked like the real deal.  With Peyton and Cam as my starting QBs, Flaco was just totaling up bench points for me.  At that point I should have shopped him hard, possible in a two for one deal getting me an upgrade at RB.  Instead, I didn’t look hard enough for a viable trade, his value went down, and he still resides on my bench.

Let me know what you guys think I could have done to my team to make it better, love the feedback. Maybe next year I will consult the Oracle, Matt Freeman:

Week 9:

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Before officially welcoming in Week 9, I want to take some time to go through some highlights of Week 8.  There were some big performances from some unexpected players and for all the Bills fans out there, week 8 was a time were you guys could just sit back, relax and not have to suffer through another week of over-thrown passes and horrible run defense.  As always, lets start off by giving a little shout out to the top players in each position:

Matthew Stafford (QB): 32.28 Points*

  • Stats: Over 300 passing yards, 3 throwing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown.  Only blemish on the stat sheet was one interception.
  • Fantasy owners who drafted Stafford this year probably did so in the early rounds of the draft.  With his struggles through the first half of the season it is nice to see him put up some solid fantasy numbers.  With the chemistry he and Titus Young have developed we should expect to use Megatron get a little more breathing room and Stafford to start putting up more top tier performances.

Doug Martin (RB): 33.40 Points

  • Probably the first and last time this season we will see the rookie a top the list of running backs in fantasy.  He has been playing great in the past few weeks and really put on a show last week.  Over 200 all purpose yards and two touchdowns against a very respectable Vikings D.
  • In my opinion,  a key factor in Martin’s big performance last week is the improvement of Josh Freeman in the past few weeks.  He has been throwing the ball with a chip on his shoulder and a lot more confidence.  The Bucs have managed to put up some big numbers in passing yards, forcing defenses to respect the QB and give Martin more room to run the ball.

Titus Young (WR): 22.00 Points

  • When Nate Burlesson was sidelined with a broken leg Titus stepped up into the number 2 spot at receiver behind Calvin.  Against the Seahawks he was the beneficiary of two Stafford TDs and 100 yards of passing.  The QB-WR duo seemed to really be on point with each and it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out in the upcoming match ups   If you are a Megatron owner I would look at this in a positive way, if there is someone else on the team who can make plays it means that they wont be able to triple cover Calvin every time.
  • Additionally, he got even more points then 22 for all those PPR leagues out there.

Rob Gronkowski (TE): 26.60 Points

  • Although all the players above are newcomers to this list, Gronk is most certainly been here before.  With Jimmy Graham being plagued with injuries this season, Gronkowski is a head above all other TE (figuratively and literally).  He caught for 146 yards and had two scores.  The man knows how to play and Brady knows how to put the ball in Gronk’s hands.  Not much more I can say about him besides that he will likely be on this list again next week.

Now that we got the recap of last week out of the way, let’s talk some injuries (Courtesy of  I filtered through all the bullshit injuries listed on the site and picked out the ones that had fantasy relevance, here they are:

Robert Meachem WR Hamstring Did Not Participate In Practice Questionable
Brandon LaFell WR Head Did Not Participate In Practice Doubtful
Pierre Garcon WR Foot Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Jermichael Finley TE Shoulder Full Participation in Practice Probable
Jordy Nelson WR Hamstring Did Not Participate In Practice Questionable
Greg Jennings WR Groin Out (Definitely Will Not Play) Out
Titus Young WR Knee Limited Participation in Practice Probable
Maurice Jones-Drew RB Foot Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Jake Locker QB left Shoulder Limited Participation in Practice Doubtful
Peyton Manning QB right Thumb Full Participation in Practice Probable
Tracy Porter CB Illness Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Trent Richardson RB Chest Limited Participation in Practice Probable
Ben Tate RB Hamstring Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Ryan Tannehill QB Knee Limited Participation in Practice Questionable
Brian Hartline WR Groin Limited Participation in Practice Questionable
Adrian Peterson RB Ankle Did Not Participate In Practice Probable
Braylon Edwards WR Knee Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Rashard Mendenhall RB Achilles Did Not Participate In Practice Doubtful
Jonathan Dwyer RB Quadricep Did Not Participate In Practice Doubtful
Isaac Redman RB Ankle Full Participation in Practice Probable
Dez Bryant WR Hip Did Not Participate In Practice Questionable
DeMarco Murray RB Foot Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Darren Sproles RB Out (Definitely Will Not Play)
  •  Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings will both likely be sitting out this game.  For a second straight week Randel Cobb and James Jones will be counted on to make the big plays down the field.  For those of you who picked these guys up, good on ya.
  • With MJD gone, Jennings will get the start in Jacksonville.  It will be interesting to see how a shitty team plays without their best player.  Can they get worse?
  • Glad to see Peyton’s X-rays come back negative, for those of us who picked him in the later rounds of the draft as a QB2, the dream still lives!
  • I threw Tracy Porter in there because without their top CB, Andy Dalton should be looking to sling the ball down field all game.  We may see some big numbers out of him this week.
  • Ben Tat is out him a hamstring injury back Foster the lone back this week.  Against a dismal Bills run D, we will likely see Foster hit new heights.. 50 fantasy points?
  • Tannehil is hurtin, Hartline is hurtin, and it is not like they were that talented to begin with.  Against the Colts the Dolphins should be looking to pound the rock, so I am hoping to see a nice bounce back game from Reggie Bush.
  •   Throw in a bad ankle, a torn MCL and whatever else would prevent a normal player from playing football and AP will overcome it.  Yes he is injured, yes he didn’t practice but I still wouldn’t be surprised if he went off for 200 rushing yards.
  • Look for Isaac Redman to start this week for the Steelers by default.  Mendenhall is doubtful and Dwyer likely will not play as well.

With my closing words I thought I would drop a clip from The League, because really what would a blog about The Fantasy Football Lifestyle be without a clip about The League. Here is a clip a League enthusiast made explaining key terms used by fantasy football players, enjoy.

*Yahoo! Default Fantasy Football Scoring